Saturday, September 14, 2013

Flip house almost finished and on the market

I have been helping with the design work on this house... It will be on the market this weekend.   The investors who we are working with have good faith in me and general contractor Cristian from "Best Home Remodeling."  I'm going to post quite a few photos here and try to explain the changes we made.
Staging done by Lisa and Rene from Switch It Up at
Rene and Lisa did an amazing job!

Cristian painted out tile and framed fireplace. Made a huge impact.
I used existing glass pieces and mixed them with some more contemporary hardware.  Same light in downstairs and upstairs hallway.
Vintage glass balls I salvaged and Cristian hung.

My favorite lights of the house.   Thank you Spencer for giving me a jump start on how to construct.   These pieces were made with old "school house" glass/pipe from Mcclendon's, and ceiling mounts.
I designed this idea for sliding door to cover entrance to basement.   Railing came from Risher family... Old screen door I salvaged, Cristian sanded/stained and added chalkboard painted wood to replace screen.  Cristian... Looks awesome!

Salvaged light and mirror
This was the Craigslist tub in pic shown above.   I dragged my friend Gina to Snohomish with me to pick this baby up.
Gina helped me load this even though she had her designer jeans on!   Cristian and I took legs off and added wood blocks stained same as wood throughout the house.

Cristian custom made house number... I painted old original mailbox as well
As light.  

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  1. This is a very good example of having a great mind in design, and recycling materials to make wonderful house.