Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bohemian/Industrial Dining

Finished this lovely table and chairs.   In my pretend world I see this table and chairs in an old factory loft with a huge white modern dome light.   The metal frame of the table was an old shop frame, salvage wood, old restaurant chairs by the dumpster and fabric was designer samples being thrown out.   I love when throw always come together to make something functional.   Will be at   Show in Woodinville this coming Sunday... Matthew's Winery..June 15, 11am to 5pm.
I used the grinder to cut legs a little shorter so they would be at dining table height.
Oscar and Frances shooting cans off this shop table in the fall with their gifted bb guns.  I had to post this....Good memories....Ok...onto photos of the new table and chairs....

“When life gives you scraps make quilts”

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